• RFID & NFC SECURE: Our RFID blocking card holder prevents theft of personal data, unwanted access & payments through contactless communication technology (RFID & NFC), as well protect magnetic stripes from scratches and cards from breaking. With our secure card wallet you can relax and don't need to fear every close contact (subway, cashier lane, escalator, tube, concerts) to be an attack & theft through hidden scanners, card readers & smartphones.

  • SLIMMING DIET FOR YOUR FRONT-POCKETS: Ultra-slim & 2 oz lightweight! Our slim wallet offers secure space for up to 6 cards & a money clip for secure hold of banknotes. Nevertheless our card wallet remains only have the size of conventional wallets & billfolds, yet allows to always have the most important cards with you. Stylish minimalist design & practical functionality combined in one - the end to awkward and embarrassingly looking stuffed trouser & suit pockets!

  • FAST & EASY ACCESS: The finger opening allows quick access to all 6 cards. Thanks to its design even a single card is kept securely inside the RFID & NFC secure case without falling out - even when shaking. The most important cards always on hand - perfect for vacation, travel, going out & everyday life. And on top you will see how quickly change in your pockets goes into the piggy bank & allows new small dreams to come true very soon! A wonderful trick!

  • 100% MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE: If there is any reason for you not to be satisfied with our secure credit card holder wallet, simply send it back and we will return the full price. We, as product owners & sellers, are using our card holders every single day ourselves & are satisfied well enough to offer them to you without concerns. And, what better guarantee is there than a producer who uses and protects himself with his own products on daily basis?

  • READY TO GIVE AS A GIFT: We put a lot of effort to create a nice gift packaging, so that you can give it as a small present or caring attention to your friends, colleagues, father, mother, boyfriend or girlfriend, or simply to treat yourself.

  • Colour Name:Blue

    The RFID secure "Inefficiency Alternative" to conventional wallets

    Conventional wallets are often not up to date anymore & require way too much space in trouser / jacket pockets & purses. After all we want to have our money & cards with us, not necessarily the billfold itself. Yet, how often does a thick trifold create inconvenience sitting down, or worse, looks weird (not to say embarrassing) in front pockets? And how many wallets still don't have a RFID & NFC blocker built in?

    With the wish for finally less stuffed & odd looking pockets (neither front nor back, neither at work, in spare time, on vacation or travel or sports), our focus was set to "smallest space required at same functionality" especially for front-pockets. Why waste additional space that conventional bifold and trifold wallets use for walls, pockets, flaps etc.? With our elegant 2 oz lightweight mini wallet all cards are easily accessible with a simple grab, while the money clip securely holds banknotes along the way. Minimalism is goal!

    Anodized (surface refined) aluminum is not only a very light, but also extremely durable material being used in airplane construction for its increased strength and is therefore often called "Aircraft aluminum". Your cards are very well protected & remain securely inside the wallet. Even a single card won't fall out!

    Our minimalist credit-card-holder blocks RFID & NFC signals to prevent data theft & unauthorized reading through hidden card scanners. Despite its small size it offers enough space for 1..6 cards & protects your personal data at the same time. Feel secure!

    The perfect present for the modern man to himself & for those who it is difficult to find presents for. Uncommonly stylish & practical.

    HONB RFID Blocking Minimalist Credit Card Case of aircraft grade aluminium. Holds 1 to 6 cards blocks RFID & NFC signals to prevent electronic pickpocketing & card fraud (Blue) - B075FSW4ZP

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    HONB RFID Blocking Minimalist Credit Card Case of aircraft grade aluminium. Holds 1 to 6 cards blocks RFID & NFC signals to prevent electronic pickpocketing & card fraud (Blue) - B075FSW4ZP

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